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B.B Horaire

B.B. Horaire Time Zone Clock

B.B. Horaire Time Zone Clock

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Type Your Nameplates

Please provide the name plates you’d like displayed on your Time Zone Clock, in order from left to right.

The B.B. Horaire Time Zone Clock offers a luxury timepiece that is handcrafted in Canada, allowing you to; modernize your home, your office, and even your home office.

Our *Standard* option allows you to choose 4 of our available 13 name plates (AVAILABLE NAMEPLATES; NEW YORK - LOS ANGELES - TORONTO - VANCOUVER - LONDON - TOKYO - HONG KONG - PARIS - BERLIN - SYDNEY - BEIJING - NEW DELHI - JOHANNESBURG).

*If you are not satisfied with our pre-made name plates (includes 13 options), please select our *CUSTOM* option in our catalog and create your own name plates*

The B.B. Horaire Time Zone Clock is a modern masterpiece that complements any space. With it's clear acrylic background, it seamlessly blends into any wall, regardless of color or texture.

Choose Cities and Time Zones that align with your business needs, allowing for efficiency when contacting customers and business partners.

Select the most common Stock Exchange Time Zones to ensure you’re well-prepared each morning as you step into your trading domain.

With B.B. Horaire, the possibilities are endless!

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